Scalene White Paper

Mint Shards

Guide for minting new Shards from the Shards smart contract
  1. 1.
    To mint shards you will have to setup Metamask or Trust Wallet for the Polygon (MATIC) Mainnet. If you havent done this already, see Metamask: Add Polygon (Matic Network)
  2. 3.
    Connect your Web3 Wallet (Metamask or Wallet Connect) by clicking “Connect to Web3”
4. In the “mint” field type the amount of Matic you’d like to spend. (1 to 100 MATIC)
5. In the “numNFTs” field type the amount of Shards you’d like to receive. Make sure this number is exactly 10x the amount of MATIC sent.
6. Click “Write” — Metamask will prompt you for your transaction.
7. View your Shards. Navigate to Opensea and log in. Be sure to click the ️on your newly minted Shards!
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