Scalene White Paper


3D Token

Genesis NFT

Genesis is a collateralized NFT collection containing 21 subcollections of 1333 NFTs. Each sub collection mints through entirely before moving to the next. Regardless which collection you mint, each NFT is convertible to 5000 3D tokens, all that differs is the art and generation number.

Genesis Minting (Coming October 2022)

Minting Price: 100 Matic ERC1155 (21 x 1333) Total: 28000 NFTs Over time, will distribute 140,000,000 3D tokens to circulation.


  • Minting Shards is live now and will continue until all Shards have been minted through.
  • Shards will lock (min. 30 days) into the Scalene platform to provided an enhanced user experience, new activities such as project voting (curation) and airdrop farming.
  • Shards produce claimable rewards in 3D tokens each month.
  • Great for creatives who want to use the platform in an on-going way without constantly returning to the market to reup on 3D tokens.
The total supply for Shards is 100M, and the allocation for Shard Staking is 300M, meaning staking in this manner can proceed without running out of allocated supply.