Scalene White Paper

Business Model

The Scalene Ecosystem will largely be supported by minting, shredding and listing fees on the marketplace. When 3D tokens are used fees will be reduced. Other revenue streams include advertising, as well as token partnerships for listings.

Platform Fees

  • 0 upfront fees for creating. 3D tokens deposited into collections stay with NFTs for the lifecycle of the NFT. This is not a fee.

Ecosystem Support

  • 10% of each withdrawal of funds raised go to support the Scalene Platform, rendering servers, development and operations.

Liquidity APY

  • All APY generated from bootstrapped liquidity on swaps or from PoS Staking from Polygon will be available to use for Scalene operations, development and may also be used to reup additional pools.


  • For identified segments we may pitch services to funded projects, these will be vetted services for Development, Legal and Marketing. More services may come available over time and often will provide referral revenue to Scalene for making the connection.


  • On launch we will not implement our own secondary market, therefore there is no element for ongoing royalties, this may change at a later date to a small royalty between 1 and 2%, but currently 0% royalties.


  • Currently there is 0% shredding fee, this may increase to 1%, subject to change.