Scalene White Paper

Executive Summary

Scalene develops technologies for the metaverse sector. These innovative technologies are created to support independent designers and 3D game developers, but also anyone to make NFT Projects that are Metaverse Ready. Consequently, traditional ‘passive’ content (such as JPEGs or PNGs) struggles to catch and hold consumers’ attention. Founded in March 2022, Scalene Network offers a public blockchain infrastructure for anyone to create 3D NFT collections using tokenized collateral first in the form of 3D Utility Tokens. Creating any NFT on the platform requires a deposit of at least one 3D Token.
NFTs can be created, destroyed and recreated as something new, using token deposits.
We recognize NFTs as an amazing new technology to fuel metaverse and 3D Game development when combined with IPFS, collateral deposits and 3D object metadata it creates an opportunity for consumption and convertibility of NFTs.
3D token will fuel the Scalene Network to create NFTs that function beyond a single minting process. Scalene NFTs can be minted, traded and held, but also converted back to fungible ERC20 tokens. These tokens can be used to programmatically mint new NFTs.
A platform for artists and NFT lovers to obtain relevant and interesting pieces of art with functional metadata to drive digital world applications. Digital proof of ownership, that can also be reforged into new artistic objects when necessary.
Scalene Convertible NFTs are born.
Scalene Network Inc.