Scalene White Paper


Official Scalene White Paper, Q3 2022
Scalene is a public blockchain infrastructure to create collateralized 3D NFT collections on Polygon with plans to expand to Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC).
Scalene Network NFTs are backed by fungible ERC20 tokens, creating opportunity for store-of-value NFT features.
We implement never before seen tokenomics including Generative NFT creation, Infinite Locking Mechanisms.
Utility Tokens 3D Token — Used for governing NFT supply and collateralizing NFTs.
​Shards — Used for leaderboard voting, project promo, staking 3D and NFT farming.
To create collateralized NFT collections, Scalene (3D) Utility tokens are deposited during minting. We call this process — Forging.
To withdraw your deposit from an NFT, the token must be shredded; a one-step web3 process. Shredding — refunds the collateral deposit to the NFT owner and burns the NFT.
Scalene is a platform for creators, designers, artists, developers, game developers, gamers, metaverse builders and collectors.
This white paper describes the Scalene platform including the NFT Launchpad, Leaderboard, Shard Systems, and our native (3D) Utility token that fuels the ecosystem.