Scalene White Paper


Garret Townsend - Founder, Entrepreneur

With over 10 years of experience in the cryptocurrency industry, Garrett brings a deep understanding of what makes an excellent cryptocurrency project. He holds a degree in applied ethics and thoughtfully considers from all angles the implications of every decision that affects the community. Garrett has experience in building companies, forging new partnerships and aims to advance new technologies.

Kilian Peter Krings - Co-founder, CCO

Over the last 5 years, Kilian has worked with more than 15 different Blockchain companies as an advisor, senior manager, or co-founder. Specializing in investment and trading platforms, decentralized finance, and private assets.

Iain Henderson - CTO, Software Engineer

Iain has 15 years of experience designing electronic hardware and embedded firmware for oil & gas, ship navigation and videography industries. Iain is building many features of the INO Generator, including generative JSON, generative art, image rendering, templates and other features.

Jiten Ukani - Game Developer

Jiten has 13 years of software experience in oil, gas, and the gaming industry and is specialized in Unity3D & ThreeJS. He has joined Scalene to work on Cosmic-3D PVP NFT game.

Jay Mehta - Senior Developer

Saheb Singh - Fullstack Solidity Developer

Sebastian Maj - Fullstack Solidity Developer

Shyam Soni - Frontend Designer

Herry Soni - Frontend Developer

David Hahn - Discord & VR Engagement

ScaleneQA - Community Manager

Karan Singh - Community Manager