Scalene White Paper

The Market

Explore our two target markets.

NFT Market

The NFT market was reported in October 2021 by Reuters to be 10.7 Billion USD. While every market has its ebbs and flows, it is expected that NFTs will continue to grow and become a very major player in cryptocurrency markets. New use cases for NFTs continue to grow and develop as new innovations and use cases enter the space. Scalene is uniquely positioned between art, utility, fungibility, and non-fungibility in its tokenization. Users can send, receive, sell, or trade our fungible and non-fungible tokens, they can also use any of the services that will be created within the Scalene ecosystem powered by 3D Utility Tokens.

NFT Games/GameFi Market

Popular NFT Game, Axie Infinity NFTs registered $2.7 billion in 2021 third-quarter trading volume, according to Cryptocurrency pervading into the general games market using NFTs will happen given enough time. Scalene is positioned to be a key supporter of this movement early on to foster growth and development.