Scalene White Paper

The Problem

Metaverse Problems

  • The various metaverses selling land tend to have replica buildings due to not enough unique assets available.
  • Builders are finding it difficult to create / sell and promote by themselves.
Many people outside the NFT space have their critiques about NFTs
Some say NFTs aren’t likely to hold value. There are also critiques regarding image file use-cases, or data are stored.
  • The NFT market has inconsistent market volumes within and between collections and no tangible floor price support.
  • NFTs are purely speculative in their art value, unless backed by services offered by the issuer.
There are many responses to these critiques, and both sides have their valuable perspectives on the matter.
A well known example is the CryptoKitties collection — The first high value NFTs on the market. At one time there was a lot of hype around the collections, where a single NFT cost up to 600 ETH. Over time, the value showed to diminish in certain markets. Lets call this "decline."
If NFTs are left as is, it's likely other collections will face similar or worse fates
many NFT owners unable to sell NFTs due to lack of liquidity / interest. With little or no floor price support or ongoing project support creating "Zombie" NFTs.
No convertibility Players of game A can not transfer their value to game B, unless they find a buyer for their NFT, if game A is in decline and game B is taking off, owners may feel stuck.