Scalene White Paper


Explore how users are able to use our platform and 3D tokens.

Conversion of Assets

While selling an NFT is likely the ideal route to converting value, owners will also have shredding options for Scalene Network NFTs. Users can convert their NFTs between different games or metaverses regardless of if there is a buyer for their NFT.

INO Launchpad

Game / Metaverse Developers and also independent artists / creators will be able to use our INO launchpad in order to raise funds through an Initial NFT Offering (INO) for their projects. Our launchpad allows them to issue as many NTFs they have deposits for, within a collection and to forge any token or coin into those NFTs, including their own project tokens. One rule is that every NFT needs to contain one or more 3D tokens. The INO generator can be used as a no-code tool, which makes it easier for everyone to launch an INO. On top of that, we are building a smart contract library, which will be helpful for game and metaverse developers to implement Play to Earn aspects via Shards, NFT Crafting, Quest Lines and more.

Community-made Games

Community members will be able to develop games using Scalene NFTs released in INO or created on the platform when it's released. We have allocated 20% of all Scalene (3D) tokens for in-game incentives and developer grants for the community, these rewards will be made available to top games on the platform and provide Play to Earn incentives for many years to come.

3D Objects as NFTs

Scalene Network token-backed 3D NFTs have native functionality in 3D games, VR metaverses like VRChat, VRLand, Decentraland, and many more.

IPFS Databases

After verifying ownership of the NFT, IPFS allows game developers and metaverse developers to access 3D files from a decentralized database. This cuts down on cloud-based storage and can help streamline development.

Metaverse Dev

By using Unity3D, metaverse developers can access smart contracts deployed to the Polygon blockchain using C# to create highly functional metaverse spaces in VRChat or similar. Alternatively, developers can use ThreeJS.

3D AI Generation

In collaboration with Jada AI, Scalene will be developing and deploying AI functionalities to support 3D token and 3D art creation systems. Expected release 2023.