The Platform
Explore all functions of our platform.

Minting 3D NFTs

Users will be able to mint new NFTs at the 3D NFT Minter or INO Launchpad. Upload a 3D Object file, or request a model and variables of an object to acquire from the Minter Marketplace. Users have the option of adding fungible tokens or coins to be forged into the NFT or to create an entire collection of NFTs.

Peer-to-Peer NFT Trading

Users will be able to list their NFTs for sale on the NFT Marketplace against 3D tokens, MATIC, Ethereum, USDC, or other ERC20 tokens. When you pay with 3D tokens or list an NFT for sale in 3D tokens, platform fees will be reduced.

Deploying 3D NFTs

The Scalene Network will maintain documents on how to deploy 3D NFTs to digital environments such as Decentraland, 3D games, and other popular metaverses. 3D graphic designers can create raw 3D object files to list within the 3D NFT Minter. 2D Graphic designers will be able to provide textures for raw 3D object files. When a user mints an object with your graphic design, you will be paid a royalty for helping community members mint.

Shredding 3D NFTs

To shred an NFT send the NFT to the shredding contract. Tokens forged within the NFT are reimbursed to the owner, and the NFT is then sent to a burn address.

Token Bridge, Swaps & DeFi

In order to allow our users and NFT creators greater accessibility we will aim to add token bridges for greater accessibility. For SFTs such as Shards, we will aim to produce an ERC1155 to ERC20 swap protocol. Our swap protocol will be fueled by our DeFi functions and provide APY rewards, starting with Shard SFT Defi.