Our Metaverse Gallery
As our main focus is on 3D NFTs, we created a VR/metaverse gallery, where users can interact with our NFTs. Users are also able to purchase ad spaces as well as featured NFT presentation spots.
In the future, we will also add gallery spaces, where NFTs from our community will be presented and we will implement NFT trading options within the metaverse.
Due to microphone and camera functions, our gallery is becoming more and more a place, where people meet, have business meetings, or play around with their different avatars.
Our gallery is already live: https://vrland.io/jeaT_W/Scalene-Gallery​
The Scalene Gallery on VRLand is the first implementation into our Metaverse journey. Over time new meta-spaces will be linked to this space that will provide additional access to features and use-cases.
Users can see and interact with 3D NFTs
Users can hang out and communicate via voice and video chat with each other
We are building a community spaces, where users can present their own NFTs
Last modified 7mo ago
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